Tudor Silver


A traditional ornate silver leaf frame.

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Product Description

A traditional ornate silver leaf frame with a clear bevelled mirror. Metric measurements are precise, imperial measurements are approximate. Also available in gold, cream, black or white.

Details and Dimensions

External Dimensions

905mm(h) x 650mm(w) / 35.6ins(h) x 25.6ins(w)
1060mm(h) x 755mm(w) / 41.7ins(h) x 29.7ins(w)
1160mm(h) x 905mm(w) / 45.7ins(h) x 35.6ins(w)
1365mm(h) x 450mm(w) / 53.7ins(h) x 17.7ins(w)
1365mm(h) x 1060mm(w) / 53.7ins(h) x 41.7ins(w)
1670mm(h) x 755mm(w) / 65.7ins(h) x 29.7ins(w)

Mirror Dimensions

1000mm(h) x 745mm­(w) / 39.4ins(h) x 29.3ins(w)
1205mm(h) x 290mm­(w) / 48ins(h) x 11.4ins(w)
1205mm(h) x 900mm­(w) / 48ins(h) x 36ins(w)
1510mm(h) x 595mm­(w) / 59.5ins(h) x 23.4ins(w)
745mm(h) x 490mm­(w) / 29.3ins(h) x 19.3ins(w)
900mm(h) x 595mm(w) / 35.4ins(h) x 23.4ins(w)


55mm / 2.17ins

Width of Bevel

20mm / .8ins

Fitting Supplied

4 strap hangers fixed to the frame.